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  Nostaligic ( Reply )

Man! I don't know if you're still active or anything, but I've really been enjoying reading your comic.
It's been such a fun trip - I wish I'd known about it back when I was in highschool - but like Taiki I hadn't realised I was a lesbian yet either lmao.

It's nice to see the slow progression of art style, and I love the way you draw all the girls. Not a short skirt in sight. The whole english + japanese names is a little?? but judging by the phones everyone is using, it's very much a product of it's time. I remember doing it too back in the day.

Anyway, I'm gonna keep reading this. It's not perfect or high art or anything - but you can really see all the heart you put into it shine through.

The story is cute and just really pleasant to read.

Cheers <3

posted by LesbiAnon (Guest) on October 11th, 2017, 9:54 pm

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Hey there! I originally posted this on my old Smackjeeves account and just moved it so I'll be active from this account. Thanks so much for the comments! :D If I were to redo the comic now I definitely wouldn't have all of the Japanese names. haha But I'm glad you enjoyed it up to here regardless!

posted by LauraKnatt on October 12th, 2017, 9:22 pm

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